USERL: NC Central Coast Region

From Dare County to Greene County to Carteret County to Pamlico County

Available for Adoption (Also check our USERL.ORG for other updates)

Updates on NCCC Horses ADOPTED!

1. Tango- Tango is at 15 year old Bay, Arabian, Gelding, who was found wandering Pitt County over a month ago. He has officially been turned over as a USERL horse. He is approximately 14.2 hands with a very loving personality. He is still nervous, but coming around quickly. His foster has been working with him daily desensitizing him. He has truly made great progress with learning to trust his humans. He is now being lunged with a surcingle, you can swing a lead line around him, blankets, bottles, and other various items can be rubbed all over him. He is willing to take a bit and we are able to cinch a saddle up. I have laid across his back. He is still nervous with all of these things, but it is apparent that he wants to trust. I feel like in another month, he will be ready to adopt out. If you would like to come meet him, email me back!

Now that he has been adopted...look at how much fun he is having!


2. Floppy- Floppy Flanagan is a 16 year old sorrell QH standing at 15.3. He was formerly used as a roping horse, but currently is just a pasture boy. Due to the high amount of emergency cases, we have not been able to work with him to see what he knows. The previous volunteers did say that he was great to ride. He has some arthritis in his knee, but I think that the lack of exercise has made this worse. He is is DESPERATE need of a new foster home. He will be suitable for some light trail riding and pleasure riding. Even if you are only able to take him for a few months, it would greatly help us. He needs to be worked with on a more regular basis.

4. Carmin- Carmin is a 14 year old white QH. Her previous foster could not handle her. If she thinks she can get away with it, she will test you. She is currently being worked a few times a week. Although trained western and neck reins beautifully, I have been working her English. Our last session consisted of being lunged with side reins and then riding her with an English Snaffle, versus the pinch-less western bit she was using before. We have corrected her head tossing and her aggressiveness his diminished quite a lot. I will continue working with her and hopefully get her to work through these issues. She has come a long way since we took her back into the program and I hope she will continue to grow.

5. Izzy- Izzy is an 8 year old Paso Fino who is very timid. She had been seized from Craven County last winter, but the adopter needs to downsize her farm. She is very nervous and just like Carmin, if she things she can get away with it, she will push you around. She needs someone who can give her consistent work. She has been saddled, but it has been awhile, so she will need to be started on the ground at first. More information to come on her.

6. Day Star- is a 12 year old TWH ( possible QH; paperwork has a glitch somewhere :) ). He is broke, w, t, c. Does great on trails. More information to come on him.


7. Wilbur-  ADOPTED!5 year old donkey standing at 14.2 hands. He is a bay. He has come around a lot since being at the fosters house, but at times can be a challenge to catch. He needs a new foster home who can provide him with daily hands on training, even it its just a few minutes a day. He is not aggressive toward the other horse in his pasture and wants to love. He lacked a lot of human interaction growing up so he needs to get a lot right now! Please let us know if you can make room for this guy! 

8. Suzy Q: Suzy Q is a lovely mare with good ground manners.  During our benefit show she performed ground work and then was ridden (walk/trot/canter) in both direction.  She is green broke , meaning she will allow you to ride but needs more training. An intermediate rider or person working with a trainer would be most appropriate for this smart Mustang lady.

9. Chelsee: Chelsee has good ground manners and a fast learner.  At the 2009 Benefit Show, she was ground worked and ridden (walk/trot/canter) in both directions.  She is ready for someone to take her home and love her and show guidance. She needs an intermediate rider or someone that is working with a trainer

10. Stellar: Stellar was born in 2005. She had a pretty rough first couple of months. She and her mother were found inside a stall that had been nailed shut. They were living in over a foot of manure, and the mare needed to gain several hundred pounds. A month after their rescue, a friend who had taken the mare and this filly to her farm called and asked for assistance. The filly had to be weaned, so that her dam could begin gaining weight and recovering. The filly was a willow-the-wisp that darted behind and around her mother, always avoiding being caught. She has come a long way since then. She has grown into a sweet loving mare who is just looking for some love. She is up to date on all her vaccinations and coggins. She gets farrier care regularly every 6 weeks. She has begun training under saddle and is progressing nicely!

11. Minis: Cheyenne, Sierra, Aj, and Savannah

 These minis are really sweet! Ages 7,8,9 and 20+. They all get a long wonderfully and are easy keepers. Cheyenne needs to be fed separately because it takes her a little longer to eat, but overall no health issues. They are really sweet and love attention.  ADOPTED!




12. Eeyore: Eeyore is an 11 year old miniature donkey. He is approximately 12 hands and a sweet sweet boy. He has come a long way from that skittish donkey that you couldn’t get your hands on. He is now very sweet and loves attention. ADOPTED!


13. Missy:  Missy has come a long way in her old age. She is almost 30, but don’t tell her that. She is in great shape and prances around the pasture like a young filly! This Arabian has a lot of years left, but is in need of a new foster family. The center picture is the most recent...what a big difference! FOUND HER FOREVER HOME WITH EVELYN ALEXANDER HOME!


14. Snappy ADOPTED!



15. Maya- ADOPTED


16. Mia : Spots on White aka Mia is a 15.2 hand, 23 year old, sorrel thoroughbred mare. We have been told that she is a descendent of Man 'O War and actually won money in her racing career. A previous owner rescued her from the Camelot Auction in NJ, an auction house where many race horses eventually end up once their racing days are over. When USERL got possession of her back in October 2012, she was extremely emaciated, full of worms and rain rot and had been diagnosed as having a heart murmur.  She is on the slow road to recovery, but seems to be making progress slowly. Mia loves to eat and loves to "talk" to you.  She is very alert and social and loves to be around people. She would make an excellent "pet" pasture mate once she gains some more weight. Mia eats a senior feed and is on a very strict diet. She would be considered "special needs" because she cannot eat hay and requires multiple feedings per day. ADOPTED!



17. Thunder: 

Thunder was surrendered by his owners October 20, 2012. He is a 25

 year old Appendix Gelding who stands approximately 15.1 hands. 

Upon entry into USERL he had worms and had foundered at some point in his life and did not receive proper care. He is also special needs because he requires a low starch diet and is still on the road to recovery.  ADOPTED


18. Bourbon ADOPTED




In Loving Memory of Tomahawke: Tomahawk is a 24 year old quarter horse with a loving personality. Tommy came to us with cancer in his eye. One had to be removed a few years ago to remove the tumor, bur unfortunately the tumor reappeared as seen in the pictures. With very little treatment though and lots of love, he was made comfortable. He was content to spend his last few months at Sherrod Grove Stables, another non-profit organization that provides a sanctuary for aged, blind, and injured horses who can no longer thrive in a normal equine environment. Unfortunately, Tommy crossed the rainbow bridge this past May and has moved on to greener pastures. His foster noted that he was pain free right up until the end. He would run around his pasture and play with visiting children. When it was time, she said that he let them know. 


If you would like more information on any of the above equines, please contact us at: